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New Tennessee Law Requires Employers To Provide Veterans Day as Unpaid Holiday

Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11th. In April Tennessee passed a new law that requires employers to allow employees who are veterans to take Veterans Day off as an unpaid holiday if certain conditions are met.

The law applies to all persons or entities with one or more employees. Under the law an employee is a veteran if he or she is: 1. a former member of the armed forces or; 2. a former or current member of a Reserve or a Tennessee National Guard unit that was called into active military service of the United States.

In order to qualify to take Veterans Day off as an unpaid holiday the employee must provide: 1. at least one month’s written notice of the intent to take the day off; 2. provide proof of veteran status.

If the employee meets the above requirements the employer must grant the leave unless the veteran employee’s absence, either alone or in combination with the absence of other veteran employees on that day, will impact public health or safety, or cause the employer significant economic or operational disruption, as determined by the employer in the employer’s sole discretion.

Employers can waive the notice and proof of veteran status requirements and/or treat Veterans Day as a paid holiday for qualifying employees if they choose to do so.

Veterans, enjoy the day off and thank you for your service!

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